General terms and conditions

1. 1. Scope of application 
These standard terms and conditions of business (STC) are applicable to all contracts concluded with the ROMANTIK HOTEL RESIDENZ AM SEE, Uferpromenade 11, 88709 Meersburg, Germany (hereinafter "the Hotel"). The STC can be altered or replaced by specific agreements.  Consumers within the meaning of the standard terms and conditions are natural persons with whom business relations are established, without this being attributable to a commercial or self-employed activity.  Companies within the meaning of these standard terms and conditions are natural or legal persons or business partnerships with legal capacity with whom business relations are established and who are carrying out a commercial or self-employed professional activity. Contractors within the meaning of the standard terms and conditions are both consumers and companies.  Differing, contradictory or supplementary business conditions of the client shall not become a component of the contract, even if the other contracting party is aware of them, unless their application is expressly agreed in writing.  
2 2. Conclusion of the accommodation agreement 
The accommodation agreement can be concluded in writing, orally, by telephone or by conclusive behaviour. The accommodation agreement also applies for all participants listed in the booking application and the applicant is responsible for their contractual duties as for his/her own.  The conclusion of the accommodation agreement obliges both parties to fulfil the agreement, regardless of the duration for which the agreement is concluded. In the case of an overnight stay, the accommodation agreement is concluded as soon as the room is booked and confirmed or – if on account of time constraints no confirmation is possible – provided.   If the content of the booking confirmation differs from the content of the application, this constitutes a new offer on the part of the hotel to which the hotel is bound for a period of 2 days. The agreement comes into effect on the basis of this new offer if the guest declares acceptance within the period during which the hotel is bound by its offer. 
3 3. Reservations 
If rooms or other services (e.g. food) are reserved on an option basis, the option details are binding upon both parties After expiry of the agreed option period, the hotel has free disposal over the rooms and services booked on an option basis without further notice. Rooms reserved and confirmed by the hotel will be available from 3 pm on the day of arrival and until 11 am on the day of departure.  
4 4. Payment conditions 
Invoices can be settled in cash (€) or by EC card  (Eurocheque card, Maestro with PIN).
We accept credit cards (Mastercard and Visa) for overnight bookings of up to 3 days. If the invoice exceeds € 1000 or if the guest stays in the hotel for longer than 6 days, the hotel is entitled to present separate interim invoices and demand payment of these by the guest. 
5 5. Deposits 
The hotel is entitled to request from guests who have not booked in advance a deposit equivalent to the overnight rate upon conclusion of the accommodation agreement.  
6 Cancellations, cancellation fees

6.1 In the case of booking cancellations by the guest or if services offered by the hotel or restaurant are not taken up, services booked and reserved and not taken up by the guest, but made available by the hotel in line with the contract (especially for board and lodging of the guests) will be charged to the guest by the hotel at the rates given below: 

Cancellations till 15 days before arrival: free of charge

Cancellations between 14 and 8 days before arrival: 50% of the booking price

Cancellations between 7 and 3 days before arrival: 70% of the booking price 

Cancellation 2 days before arrival, non-utilisation of the service(s) and early departure: 80% of the booking price.    

The cancellation fees shall be reduced by the amounts earned through re-renting of cancelled rooms.
The cancellation fees above shall also apply if the booked and reserved services are only partially cancelled by the guest, whereby the rates stated shall apply to the portion of the services cancelled, or if the guest without express cancellation does not take up the booked and reserved services. In order to avoid unpleasant cancellation fees if a trip cannot be undertaken we offer hotel cancellation insurance through the travel insurance company Hanse Merkur. We would be pleased to send you a copy of their services and conditions.
6.2 In the case of table reservations, particular cancellation conditions apply: Tables can be cancelled free of charge up to 2 days beforehand. This is not the case, however, for celebrations and agreed set menus. In these cases, cancellation without charge is possible up to 14 days in advance. Numbers of participants may be reduced by up to 3 persons free of charge up to 3 days before the event. 
7 Room types
Rates differ according to the position of the room, the size and bedroom facilities. 
8 Pets
Pets that have not been notified in advance cannot be accepted, due to the hotel having a limited number of rooms in which pets are allowed.
9 Parking of vehicles
Parking spaces are used under acknowledgement of the following parking conditions and at the party’s own risk.  There is no safeguarding of property. The hotel accepts no liability for damage by third parties.  The hotel is liable only for damage which can be proven to have been caused by hotel staff through gross negligence or deliberate acts. Claims for such damage must be registered before leaving the parking space or underground car park. The provisions of the German Road Traffic Act (Strassenverkehrsordnung) apply correspondingly.  
11 Special provisions
a) The guest has an obligation to the hotel to report the loss of property brought into the hotel without undue delay but at the latest upon departure. 
b) The guest is liable for all damage caused by him/her during his/her stay in the hotel. In the event of the Hotel learning that a guest has smoked in a bedroom in our no-smoking hotel, a final cleaning fee of €180 shall be levied. 
c) The headings in these STCs are intended only to provide an overview and have no substantive meaning, particularly not that of a conclusive regulation.  
d) The STCs and the whole legal relationship between the hotel and the guest are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.  
e) Place of jurisdiction is the local or regional court responsible for the particular location of the hotel.



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